Quite average after all!

Not Your Average Joe - Nell Carson

Blurb: "Jennifer Wright is finishing a long shift on the assembly line at Brickman Foods when she meets her newest trainee, Jason Baxter — only that’s not his name and she knows it. She recognizes him instantly as Jared Brickman, internationally renowned playboy and son of the CEO of Brickman Foods, working undercover to film the reality show, Joe Average.


Jared is also the father of Jennifer’s son, Chris, although he doesn’t know it. The six years since they dated have been momentous for Jennifer, but it’s clear when they meet again that Jared doesn’t even remember her. "



The ending is just too unbelievable.


Everything is resolved. *SPOILER*:Her problems with her boss, gone! Her family problems, gone! Her issues with money, gone! And of course she gets the man. The man who was perfectly understanding about her hiding his kid from him.

It's not that these things couldn't have happened in real life they just wouldn't happen so fast, or all at once! This was just too fictional for me!


The sad thing is that right up to the end I was enjoying it! When will she tell him? Will he cancel the engagement? Will he accept his son?


Then Bam! Wam! Suddenly all is happy, no explanations are needed and they ride off into the sunset.


Book ruined.


I could go into more detail. Especially about Jared and how he is just not quite real but why bother?


I've come to require a little bit of hardship between couples for me to believe in their happily ever after. There's nothing wrong with fairy tales. When forewarned, I enjoy them and don't ask too many questions.


So, if you pick up this book,  please be expecting the very unrealistic ending.