I'm Still Feeling Bitter

“We love having authors on Goodreads. But, we are a site that's focused on readers first. If there is a choice between what is best for readers and what is best for authors, we will always err on the side of readers.”



"Editing of reviews - can Goodreads or Amazon edit my reviews? Delete them without asking?
Nothing has changed when it comes to reviews. Your reviews are yours and we value the frank and honest opinions of all our members. That's what makes Goodreads different and special. (And yes, you can continue to swear if that's important to you, include images, etc.)

Our policy has been and will continue to be that we never edit a member's review."


First they lied about the reviews.



"Will Amazon make changes to the rules on how groups operate on Goodreads? In particular, will moderators have to change their policies about authors if they have them?

We have no plans to change the policies for groups. Groups are an important part of the Goodreads community and group moderators will continue to have the power to run their groups according to what works best for them and their group members."


What's next?


Otis's Empty Promises.