This is a very useful book!

Schaum's Outline of Russian Grammar - James S. Levine

I attempted to learn Russian when I was younger with a tutor and failed miserably. Homework is not my friend.


Now, I'm living in Russia and learning the language naturally. It's easy to do it this way but it's also not enough. I've gotten to the point that I'm easily understood and can pick up new vocabulary instinctively. However, this means that my family and friends do not always bother to correct my grammatical errors.


So, I've been using this book to cement correct grammar into my brain. I also use the multitude of exercises to improve my writing. Everyone writes in cursive here!


There is one problem with this book. All the grammatical lingo(nouns, verb, propositional case, dative case etc.) is written only in English. Perhaps this is enough if you're studying for a test in America but it prevents me from complete immersion in the language. When I have a question I have to search for the corresponding words myself or go about it with general examples. That gets confusing sometimes.


I'm still very happy I have this but I'm going to be searching for a similar book, one that is completely in Russian. Я готова к этому!