If Angels Burn by Lynn Viehl

If Angels Burn - Lynn Viehl

Book Blurb: "Beneath the foundation of a mansion in the heart of the Garden District, Alexandra will perform an illegal surgery. Her patient's disfigurement is beyond medical repair. But his body's ability to recuperate from his wounds borders on the miraculous.

Alexandra knows Michael Cyprien is no ordinary patient. Intrigued by how his remarkable physiology might benefit medical science, she is even more compelled by his presence--and the mystery surrounding him and his associates, a cadre of immortals who call themselves the Darkyn.


My favorite part of this book is Alex's feistiness and how well she did her job.


My least favorite part is everything else.


I have the age old complaint: I didn't like the ending. The story just stopped... there wasn't really a conclusion.


The power struggle between Alex and Michael was never resolved and the solutions to other problems like the high lord's interest in her and the Brethen seemed rushed.


Everything went up in a whirlwind and then crashed to nothingness leaving me with no interest to continue onto the next book.