A favorite for sure!

The Duchess War - Courtney Milan

This is the type of book I like best. The type that lets you slowly learn about the characters and their motivations.


But, these are also the type of books that are impossible for me to review.


I always feel like I'm cheating someone of discovering things for themselves. So I'll try not to.


Minnie is not a wallflower waiting to be noticed by a handsome duke. Neither is she a headstrong girl waiting to break out from the prison of societal expectations. She also isn't a scholarly maid happy to remain in anonymity to pursue her passions of learning.


She is brilliant and strong-willed and frustrated with her place in society but she is trying her best to stay unnoticed.


It is so strange how all these cliches brought together in an unexpected way build a very intriguing character.


Robert is also not anything I expected. He could have been a rake. He could have been a gloomy man ruined by his horrible childhood distrusting everyone's intentions toward him.

But he is not. He practically jumped into love with Minnie. (Don't worry, no insta-love here.)


From the very beginning I felt his fascination with Minnie. It grew into lust and by the time it got to love I was sold!


Courtney Milan has taken a bunch of HR cliches that we love and hate but managed to use them in a way I've never seen before. Time and again I thought I knew where the story was heading but all those times it went in an unexpected direction. Quite refreshing!


It wasn't always happy with the story's direction but in the end it all came together beautifully and looking back on it feels satisfying.


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