Courtney Milan outdid herself in this one.

The Heiress Effect  - Courtney Milan

I liked it a lot.
I even cried.

The next book is about Sebastian but I wish it was about Free.

However, with a name like that and her aspirations for the female sex it would be almost sad to see her married and with a brood of children at her ankles. Not all women life have that goal but in romance that's where they all end up. Especially if it's a long series of books about one family. I'm almost scared to see what Courtney Milan will do with Free. (Maybe nothing. She might leave her there, in this one book. Unblemished.)

Is it silly that at the end of this book I was almost hoping that Jane and Oliver wouldn't get married?

Am the only one who wished that even for a second?

Courtney Milan did such a good job with showing us how strong and capable Jane is that I was all ready to yell "You go girl! You can do without him!" and end the book on that note. But then Oliver came through the door and oh well... He is a very good man and proved himself worthy of her in the end.

I'm still feeling a bit guilty that I wanted to deny them their happy-ever-after moment.