A bit strange but very readable.

The Bone Flower Throne - T.L. Morganfield

This is one of those books for which I did not read the synopsis. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.


In the beginning it reads like a young adult fantasy novel. Characters' motivations are dumbed  down. Resolutions to problems feel sudden and a little too convenient. There is even a romance brewing. 


Then the story started going into unexpected places. It made me uncomfortable since I was waiting for the typical fantasy and romance tropes but I was not getting them.

And while in some ways the tone remained juvenile the story and the plot became complex.  It all somehow snowballed into a very engaging story.


I had to let go of my expectations and just experience it.


In this book's culture it is acceptable for siblings to marry. Men can have one wife and as many concubines they wish. The religions in this book call for animal and human sacrifice. Don't be scared off. All this sound quite traumatizing but because of the tone of this book these themes didn't really effect me emotionally.


Quetzalpetlatl's story did grab me from the very first page. She really grew as a character throughout this story. I read this book practically in one sitting.

I will definitely be reading the next book to see what changes Quetzalpetlatl will bring to her culture.


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