Nope. Nope. Nope.

Tangled Tides - Karen Amanda Hooper

Pg. 9:  Oh wow. What a horrible beginning to a book.


Yara is alone in her uncle's resort on what I'm assuming is a secluded island and a hurricane is coming. She is trying to block the windows with a heavy wall panel to protect her home. The wind is strong and the panel is just too heavy for her lift. Suddenly a strange guy shows up and helps her. He is half naked and of course gorgeous. He calls her by her name and tells her that she needs to trust him and to let him take her to a safe place.


She agrees!  WTF?! What kind of intelligent person does that?! The urge to quit is sooo strong right now. Argh.


Pg. 13: "Why had I trusted some stranger who appeared out of nowhere? Just because he was helpful and attractive? How stupid could I be? I felt like crying, if it was even possible to cry under water."


Aw. It's so sad being a TSTL heroine.



Pg. 28: This book is written in first person and has multiple POV chapters. The POV switches often.


Pg. 46: Nope. That's it. I'm not reading any more of this.

The stranger who kidnapped her explained that the guy she thinks is her boyfriend has been lying to her. They are half-brothers.

They all meet and her boyfriend confirms it.

It somehow doesn't occur to Yara that he cannot be trusted now.


"Would he break up with me over this? Of course he would. Why would someone like Rownan keep a half-fish as his girl-friend?"


These are her thoughts after being turned into a mermaid! What kind of twit is worried about her lying boyfriend breaking up with her after something so drastic happened to her?


This is too full of stupid to continue. DNF.


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