My new nephew came home!


He doesn't have a name yet but my sister is considering "Constantine" (diminutive form: "Kostya").


There is is a site called baby.ru which gives a horoscope-like prediction for baby names. My sister believes it but I think it's all a bunch of baloney.  It's still fun to consider so here is what it says for "Константин":


Characteristics of the name Constantine: In childhood he is often a fearful, anxious child. This becomes a problem in kindergarten when there is a new teacher or an unusual situation. However as a teenager Constantine learns to cleverly disguise his fears behind calm behavior. Outwardly he is friendly and communicates well with others but only a few will he consider a "friend". His true friendships will be proved by time over many years.


Constantine is a responsible, conscientious person with a highly developed imagination. On what he focuses he gives his whole heart and soul. His character is both constant and fickle; he will not share the views of the majority. As a rule Constantine is a purposeful, active man. A little bit egocentric and fickle but amorous. These are good traits for an athlete or even a lawyer or an investigator.


Like I said.. baloney. But I do like that the meaning of Constantine is "constant". 


Sorry if the translation is a bit dodgy. I mostly ran it through Google Translate and fixed any obvious grammatical and thematic errors.


Does anyone know someone named "Constantine"?