I can't believe it!

Twice Tempted - Jeaniene Frost

I freaking loved this book.


I loved Leila's honesty with herself and with Vlad. I loved her bad-ass powers. And the sex! It was perfect! So passionate and filled with emotion...


I'm amazed by my change of heart!




Because I downright hated the first book in this series. I don't think I even managed to get through half of it before quitting in disgust.


I was so frustrated with Vlad's and Leila's relashionship dynamic. Vlad was the typical stubborn alpha male claiming the feisty heroine and Leila was the indecisive twit, one moment proclaiming her disinterest in him and the next drooling on him in inappropriate situations. *gag*


All of that is gone! Jeaniene Frost has managed to turn it all around and I couldn't be more surprised!


I admire the woman Leila becomes in this book. She is now not only brave when faced with danger but also brave with her emotions. And Vlad is no longer just another cliche alpha male but a man truly worthy of her love.


I could just gush about how much I love Vlad now. He's sexy and deep and so deliciously dangerous. *sigh*


If you hated the first book in this series (Once Burned) I would recommend you try this one before you write this series off.


Now, I can't wait for their next story. I might even be able to finish reading Once Burned knowing that things change for the better.