So, I decided to watch Sailor Moon :)

I don't remember much of the storyline from when I watched it as a kid so I started from the very beginning.


I'm up to episode 13 and this Tuxedo Mask guy is really getting on my nerves!


He always comes when the girls are acting their stupidest and steals all the glory!



So he shows up once again in episode 13 only now he's fighting the bad guy, Jadeite. In the process they both fall into the ocean.


Epicness ahead:



(Sorry for such a sucky gif but this is the best I could do with my resourses.)


Just in case, here is a transcript:


A rose serfaces from the water's depths.

Evil Jadeite rises from the water...


Sailor Mars: Where's Tuxedo Mask-sama?


Sailor Moon: Oh, no! What happened to him?!


Jadeite: Your trusty Tuxedo Mask is dead! Cry and Wail! Can you do nothing without the help of a man?! Women are such foolish creatures in the end! (*laughs maniacally*)


Sailor Mars: Only old men think men are better than women these days!


Sailor Mercury: That's right! Scorning women is positively feudalistic!


Sailor Moon: Down with sexual discrimination! We must fight against Jadeite, the arrogant man!



I don't know if this theme continues but for the moment: I freaking love Sailor Moon!