Untold: Reading Updates and Thoughts

Untold  - Sarah Rees Brennan


This might be the stupidest scene I have ever read. She thinks she's kissing one guy but is actually kissing his brother. WTF? What could possibly be the point of this other than developing a stupid love triangle? I don't like these types of plot "intrigues". Like I said. Stooopid.



So, one moment she wants to kiss him(and attempts it) but the next she is saying this:

 "I'm not your magic link anymore. I'm nothing to you anymore. So leave me alone."

 I see that the stupidity is here to stay.



"She had been right the first time, right to trust that she knew him well enough to know him in the dark."


 I thought it was stupid when she mistakenly kissed the wrong brother but now we know she kissed the right one. Turns out he also has the ability to kiss her one moment and be a complete dick the next. There is no point to all this drama!



"You're important to me too. I want to be friends again."


 I can't believe this! She is going to try to drag this whole "friends" thing into the next book?! I think I'm ready to stop reading already.


"I know you wanted me to see things differently once the link was broken, but I can't. It is always about you for me."

Why couldn't this have been said at the beggining of the book?! It's all just an emotional clusterfuck! *blergh*



The only reason this is rated more than one star is because Jared is in it. 

He was partly responsible for the disappointment this book became but he was also the only reason I kept on reading. I was hoping that something he would say or do would fix the mess this story has become.

But he didn't manage to make it all better in the end and I'm not going to be able to read another book by this author.

It all kind of pisses me off at the moment.