There's a new delete option on Leafmarks!


Last week I was trying to organize my Leafmarks shelves and came across one full of books that I just didn't want on there.


Although Leafmarks gave the option of moving the books from the soon to be deleted exclusive shelf to another, there wasn't the option of deleting all the books on that shelf.


This seemed like a logical addition so I asked for it and voila, Jacquie delivered!


It will not work with the default shelves "read", "to-read" and "currently-reading" so this is not the way to clear your shelves completely.


However, I'm thinking this will be a nice workaround for multiple book deletion. (Hopefully, that will come soon.)


I have made for myself an "adelete" exclusive shelf. I added the 'a' so it will be the first option in the drop down menu. If I need to delete many books I will drop them in there and delete them all in one go later.


This is not the most elegant solution but at least I will never again have to click "OK" thirty times in a row on those pop up windows!